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whispering colours - the mystery of pain


rahen and rainer horneck have already presented themselves as interesting newcomers in the german wave scene with their debut album gloomy memories. the new album the mystery of  pain posseses the same intoxicating quality of the debut, on the one side, mystifyine with wonderful melancholic compositions, but nevertheless makes a dynamic impression in the end, reminding us of bands like the cain principle or wolfsheim solely through their melodies. It is without a doubt the mellow sounds which are predominant,

it is obvious that one regains strength in moments of tranquility the same kind of strength present in every song expressed through virtuous mastering of various musical instruments as well as electronically produced



dirk hoffmann - zillo




in the mystery of pain the group celebrates a sombreness which almost adopts claustrophobic character. music

for autumn, melodic, classically arranged and extremely slow. however, this is not gothic music. even

non-goths will enjoy the music. the singer reminds of the early david bowie. the music could also function as a soundtrack (echoes of philip glass). varied melancholy with a singer who does not cry to himself, but rather posseses the ability to express emotion. moreover, the band members are talented songwriters. the beautiful song hand in hand is proof of this fact. altthough a faster sequence is used in ashes to ashes, a slow motion song is still the result through the melody arrangement and the singing. therefore, the album is quite unique.


norbert sonderfeld - journal frankfurt




In the case of whispering colours, the duo Rahen and Rainer Horneck are both preoccupied and amazed with mellow organic string arrangements and remarkable musical landscapes in the style of earlier 4AD productions and the soft clan of xymox songs. like silence gift the music research act is also successful at building a very intimate atmosphere through a powerful voice. through extensive minimalism of the percussion elements, the music of whispering colours is rather suitable for those dreamy moments alone. the mystery of pain does not include any potential clubhits, but this is not a major tragedy in their case, because highlights like ashes to ashes still retain their value nevertheless. elements of dance music would only destroy the slightly bulky and subtle unity of their second work anyway which does not fit specifically into one type of genre.


timo hoffman - zillo




hovering in airless space, discerning the meanings of ancient cultures and sensing the shimmering of inner thoughts that are reflected in a diamond crystal, whispering colours accompanies the listener through daydreams and lonerig of the night with its corcealed and even contradictory qualities. the stylistic device of the modern pop age moulded or influenced  from groups like japan, disolve with middle aged ideas and leave room for oriental fairy tale worlds which involve more than a fact of truth. perhaps it is occassionally a seemingly sacred facet of  the nineties dark wave pop, but perhaps it is even more, an album, that with its magical voices and playful elements will be able to enthuse an audience even many years afterwords.


sven freuen - zillo