Fae Cross is an independent songwriter and singer and since Robotiko Rejekto‘s comback after 20 years an integral part of the musical project. With her powerful lyrics, she leaves a mark on the overall RR message and has shaped the statements and declarations of the comeback Album CORPORATE POWER into transporting what matters most to RaHen and herself. Fae Cross lives and works near Frankfurt/M. 


Coming from a musical family, she began playing the piano and solo singing in her teens. “Aktually, I startet out playing the flute, but I dind‘t like it because it‘s not possible to sing along.“

Fascinated by literature and theather, she turned to writing poetry, some of which was later published under an alias in the US. 

„What really triggered my enthusiasm for poetry and writing was reading the works of Shakespeare and other classics like Emerson and Thoreau, whom I consider to be my first teachers in philosophy. Reading their works definately had an influence on my writing and my work today.“

Though first attempts in songwriting go back to Fae‘s schooldays, it was not until 2009 that she focused on writing lyrics. 

„I love the power of words. If you condense their meaning and wrap them into sound, they somehow merge, become intensified and get so much more energy. I write because I have to. A word, a thought or a sentence can initiate that process. Some of the lyrics is based on personal experience, some of it on emotions or imagination and sometimes even on something so unsexy as an article in the newspaper.  One particular thing that sets me off is social injustice, which is why some of the songs on the album CORPORATE POWER matter a great deal to me.“ 

Fae has ben working with RAHEN since since 2010, giving lyrical impulses not only to Robotiko Rejekto, but also to RAHEN´s 80‘s project Axodry, Whispering Colours and other artists. 

Animated by her early poetry writing she pursues her aim to create lyrics that convey a meaningful message and make music a vessel not only for feelings and emotions but also for opinions and clear points of view. 

„Although many peope like to think that a single person has no chance to stand up against the disastrous developments in the world, we can, each and every one of us, weigh in on a message, if there is one out there. But rather than being the Pied Piper of Hamelin, I wand to address and mobilize self-conscious, independent people, who stand up for right and against wrong and most of all take a stand. It‘s about awareness and making up your mind instead of being a tag-along.“