In the early 1980s, Talla 2XLC began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt, Germany, playing predominantly Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Along with RAHEN, he formed the techno band Moskwa TV, which was ahead of its time with its innovative sound. The group's debut album, "Dynamics & Discipline" was produced by RAHEN and Talla 2XLC alongside Kurt Ader and Axel Henninger in the Dynaton Studio. During the production of the album, Ion Javelin (Jan Veil) joined the band for the song "Generator 7/8". Javelin, the lead vocalist of Moskwa TV, was recommended to the group by his record label, CBS. He had previously released a single, "Dancing in Heaven," under the pseudonym Gary Chandler, but it did not achieve significant success. Together, RaHen and Javelin composed the vocal melody for "Generator 7/8." Moskwa TV released two vinyl records, "Generator 7/8" and "Tekno Talk," which were played in clubs in Frankfurt's techno scene and at larger events. After the release of their second album, "Blue Planet" in 1987, tensions arose among the band members. Talla 2XLC felt that Javelin had too much influence and a new singer was sought. However, when suitable candidates were not found or backed out, Javelin returned to the group. Talla 2XLC eventually left the band due to further disputes, this time with Axel Henninger and Javelin over songwriting credits. In 1988, Henninger left Moskwa TV due to financial disputes with the label Westside over his work as a producer. The rights to the band's name remained with Javelin, whose record label had reached a financial agreement with Talla 2XLC. Henninger later gained fame as a producer, songwriter, and composer, working with artists such as Camouflage, Paddy Goes to Holyhead, Okay, Deborah Sasson, Chandeen, X-Perience, and De/Vision. In 2003, Javelin released the album "Broken Surface" with H. Löwy (Chandeen). Moskwa TV's members included Talla 2XLC (Andreas Tomalla), Axel Henninger, Ion Javelin (Jan Veil), and RAHEN (Ralf Henrich). The group's discography includes the singles "Generator 7/8", "Tekno Talk", "Brave New World", "Moskwa Electronic" and "Tell Me, Tell Me" as well as the albums "Dynamics & Discipline", "Blue Planet" and "Tell Me, Tell Me"

In 2023, RAHEN will release a brand new version of the classic "GENERATOR 7/8" titled "OBSERVER CUT". Inspired by the hit TV series "Fringe," he has created a fitting music video to go along with the new song version. The "OBSERVER CUT" single and music video will be released on March 1, 2023.

This song will be available to listen to and watch on all streaming platforms and YouTube on March 1, 2023

GENERATOR 7/8 Observer Cut


It was 1984 when RAHEN, along with Kurt Ader and Andreas Tomalla, stormed the world's electronic dance floors with their first song, "TEKNO TALK" (MOSKWA TV). The distinctive sound of "TEKNO TALK" made it a veritable club hit and laid the foundation for Moskwa TV's first album, "DYNAMICS & DISCIPLINES," from which the iconic dancefloor classic "Generator 7/8" emerged.


Decades later, RAHEN has reinterpreted the cult song and given it a modern twist, while not forgetting its roots in electronic EBM and dance music. Influenced by current EDM, RAHEN also tackles important social and controversial issues in this new version of "Generator 7/8" and once again makes its way into clubs.


Then as now, "Generator 7/8" stands for a critical and reflective approach to new technology. The lyrics deal, among other things, with the dangers of nuclear energy: as early as 1985, the song was an important contribution to the anti-nuclear power movement and has not lost its relevance in the current energy crisis. On the contrary: by also addressing other social and political developments - such as the role of the global financial industry and the European Central Bank, the ongoing gentrification of city centers, and the excesses of social inequality - this version of "Generator 7/8" is more credible, urgent, and explosive than ever.


A political statement - then and now. Made by RAHEN!