In 2015, the Frankfurt composer and producer RaHen, has turned to a new area of work. Next to the known 80s projects Axodry, Moskwa TV, Whispering Colours and Robotiko Rejekto, which successfully came into the picture lately and is still making progress, RaHen has concentrated on the work of his new ambient project PYRRHUS RAGE.

With the present album MEGATRONIA, Death Ambient, he combined somber and threatening ambient sound surfaces with floating, but reduced beats. It was important to him not to create an overproduced sound, but instead achieve a reduction of a music that transports a maximum of psychic depth. Due to the use of partly backwards played sound collages combined with hypnotic audio lines, RaHen developed an apocalyptic music, that invites to an exploration of one's own self. 

In any case, the album MEGATRONIA is no sideline stream, but links atmospheric audio landscapes with metal sounds and dark psychedelic voice lines, inducing to a more-in-depth soul journey.

The PYRRHUS RAGE project with the album MEGATRONIA is a recommendation for all music lovers, who are searching for a listening experience apart from the main stream taste. Unusual tonal structures and dark grooves are guaranteed.