ROBOTIKO REJEKTO is back ... after the song SHOW ME YOUR RECORD, which was released in autumn 2019, here is the next hit of the FRANKFURT SOUND co-founder and electronic music pioneer RaHen with the artist and singer Verity Vian. DO IT NOW pays tribute to the Fridays For Future movement and all other groups fighting for justice and freedom. Who stand up against racism and tyranny, environmental destruction and greed of the powerful. Who take to the streets for their beliefs. This song is for all these brave people. DO IT NOW means now and not tomorrow or next week. Now changes have to happen. Let's work on it every day and stand up for it. For justice, equality and fraternity. For peace and freedom. DO IT NOW!

Founded 1987 in Frankfurt / Main Germany.


Founding members: 

RaHen and Talla 2XLC


At times members: 


Kurt Ader

Stephan Kessler

Rainer Wagner

Marco Drago


Current members:

RaHen:  Composing, Programming, Vocals, Production, Mixing, Mastering


Live and musical support: Ava Nima, Fax Cross, Verity Vian and Mark IV


Live shows:



Sao Paulo








Cyper space

Corporate power


"Umsturz jetzt!" is one of the 100 most influential 

dance music songs of all time!


Dozens of worldwide releases and compilations...


In its music, RR acoustically describes the disruption and 

inconsistency of our existence in conflict with a rough world.


The music is an initiative to raise awareness to the world’s 

development described above. with the socially engaged 

lyrics, RR delivers a voice against sightless greed and 

emotional impoverishment.


"Show Me Your Record" is the first brand-new single release of the upcoming album of ROBOTIKO REJEKTO called

"Adventures In Cyber Space"


Release date: September, 15th. 2019