ROBOTIKO REJEKTO NEWS: We are excited to announce the exclusive launch of RR music sessions. These mixes will contain music created exclusively by RR. Our mission is to provide a periodic fresh source of electronic music mixes utilizing our RR tracks. PARTS OF A ROBOT is a select group of mixes created in our laboratory. We have combined new and rare RR tracks; creating deconstructive mutations to propel a new sonic exploration for your enjoyment. Every mix will be labeled with a robot part. Stay tuned! The first release will be:

PARTS OF A ROBOT Section 1: Control System - 1. Point to Point (PTP) Control Robot

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In its music, RR acoustically describes the disruption and 

inconsistency of our existence in conflict with a rough world.

 The music is an initiative to raise awareness to the world’s 

development described above. with the socially engaged 

lyrics, RR delivers a voice against sightless greed and emotional impoverishment.

Founded 1987 in Frankfurt / Main Germany.


RaHen:  Composing, Programming, Vocals, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Marco Drago: Composing, Programming, Production, Mixing, Mastering


At times members: 

Talla 2XLC

Kurt Ader

Stephan Kessler


Rainer Wagner


Live shows:



Sao Paulo










Cyber space

Corporate power


"Umsturz jetzt!" is one of the 100 most influential 

dance music songs of all time!


Dozens of worldwide releases and compilations...