In 1987, Robotiko Rejekto was founded by RAHEN (Ralf Henrich) and Talla 2XLC (Andreas Tomalla). RaHen and Talla had previously worked together on projects such as Axodry and Moskwa TV in the Frankfurt electronic music scene. After Talla's departure, RaHen continued working on Robotiko Rejekto with other musicians, including Kurt Ader, who he collaborated with on the first Moskwa TV album, "Dynamics & Discipline." Robotiko Rejekto was known for their early techno sound from the Rhein-Main region and achieved success in Europe as well. The group's music was classified as Aggrepo or Electronic Body Music (EBM) at the time and was mentioned in the same vein as other EBM acts like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and Armageddon Dildos. The group's debut title, "Rejekto!“ achieved high sales internationally. Robotiko Rejekto released their titles under the label ZYX Music. Their discography includes the releases "The Cyber Space“, "Hangar 18“, "Density“, "Corporate Power“, and "Control Your Robot" as well as the singles "Rejekto!“, "Umsturz Jetzt!“, "Confusion“, "Injection“, "Hangar 18“, "Density“, "Technology“, "I've Got Your Mind“, "Tanzlokal“, and "Control Your Robot“.


Currently, RAHEN is working on a new EP and performing as a DJ artist at concerts around the world.


In its music, RR acoustically describes the disruption and inconsistency of our existence in conflict with a rough world.

The music is an initiative to raise awareness to the world’s development described above. with the socially engaged 

lyrics, RR delivers a voice against sightless greed and emotional impoverishment. Founded 1987 in Frankfurt / Main Germany.


RAHEN:  Composing, Programming, Vocals, Production, Mixing, Mastering


Collaboration partners: 

Talla 2XLC

Kurt Ader

Stephan Kessler

Rainer Wagner

Marco Drago


Live shows:



Sao Paulo










Cyber space

Corporate power


"Rejekto" and "Umsturz jetzt!" are two of the 100 most influential 

dance music songs of all time!


Dozens of worldwide releases and compilations...