RaHen - audio/video artist

 RaHen is one of the leading composers and producers of the Frankfurt Sound. He was composing and producing projects like Moskwa TV, MCL and Axodry together with Talla 2XLC  and led his compositions to success, also on an international level. Bands like Leatherstrip, Armageddon Dildos and many more had their debut albums produced by him, thereby establishing themselves in the music industry and bringing about their musical breakthrough.

With its musical origin in the 80s, RaHen has developed Robotiko Rejekto into a serious EBM DANCE project in the mind of fans from all over the world. RaHen mixes his retro style radically and tough-mindedly with musical styles of Alternative, Crossover and Electro.

A lot of the lyrics refer to social developments in a world affected by increasing globalization, aggressive militarism respectively the forming of a military-industrial complex in the industrialized countries. The anger about the increasing and seemingly checkless destruction of nature and exploitation of mankind is expressed in the words.

RaHen militates explicitly against triple oppression, i.e. multiple and simultaneous suppression based on sexual, ethnical and class specific affiliation (sexism, racism, classism).

RaHen  is an artist who purposely withdraws from this “rat race“. He creates with his compositions barren and gloomy landscapes - analogies of our reality in transcendance. He describes accousticly the torn inconsistency of our existence in conflict with a rough world. 


His music is an initiative to raise awareness to the world’s development described above, and with his socially engaged lyrics, he delivers a voice against sightless greed and emotional impoverishment.


RaHen is working as a composer or producer or remixer for the following artists:  

Moskwa TV, Axodry, Robotiko Rejekto, Armageddon Dildos, X-Marks The Pedwalk, Leatherstrip, MCL, Blind Vision, Nostromo Dept., Der Böse Mann, Noise Control, Umo Detic, Son Of Nippon, Technoid, Tribantura, Aircrash Bureau, Men´s Fencing, Complex, Equinox, The Essence, Two Of China, Project One, Klaus Leopold, Atman Shanti, Odelia Silbermann, Susanne Russmann, Joachim Bähr, Wolfgang Weiß, Stimmen der Neva, 23 Underpass, AdKey, Aesthetische, Berlin Babylon, Ivo Draganac, DJ Karotte, Leatherstrip, Object, Orange Sector, Shiny Darkness, Solitary Experiments, Matthew Kramer & DJ Residance,  The Psychic Force, Technique,