RAHEN is one of the leading composers and producers of the SOUND OF FRANKFURT. He has been working as a composer, music producer, and artist since 1982. to date, he has released more than 100 songs (12“/cd/streaming/etc.) of different styles and genres, both under his stage name rahen as well as numerous project names. His songs tekno talk and umsturz jetzt! ranks within the 100 most influential dance music songs of all time!

He also deserves recognition as the master mind behind bands such as robotiko rejekto, moskwa tv, mcl and axodry, and led his compositions to success, also at an international level. bands like leatherstrip, armageddon dildos, airbrush bureau and many more had their debut albums produced by him, thereby establishing themselves within the music industry and achieving their musical breakthrough. moreover, he has accomplished numerous international remixes over time.

With its musical origin in the 80s, RAHEN has continuously developed his projects into the present. He radically and persistently mixes his distinctive retro style with styles of alternative, crossover, and electro music.

Furthermore, RAHEN is at home in the vast field of electronic music. The spectrum of his creative work ranges from ambient and meditation music, to electro, trip hop, dance, and eurodisco.

With his music, RAHEN acoustically describes the disruption and inconsistency of our existence in conflict with a rough world. His music is an initiative to raise awareness to the world’s ongoing decline to the bad, thus representing a voice against blind greed and emotional impoverishment.

A lot of the lyrics refer to social and political developments in a world affected by increasing globalization, aggressive militarism, respectively, the formation of a military-industrial complex in our industrialized world. The anger about the ever-increasing and seemingly uncontrolled destruction of nature and exploitation of mankind is expressed in the words.

RAHEN militates explicitly against triple oppression, i.e. multiple and simultaneous oppression and discrimination based on sexual, ethnical, and class-specific affiliation (sexism, racism, classism).

RAHEN has closely teamed up with the singer and songwriter FAE CROSS. Often working behind the scenes, she‘s the one to transport RAHEN‘s ideas and point of view into lyrics, giving his messages a sharp edge as well as a female voice whenever necessary.