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After the successful comeback of ROBOTIKO REJEKTO, RaHen got the ball rolling for his second project and brought AXODRY to the starting position with the EP "This is my light".

The new AXODRY EP "This is my light" will be released worldwide on iTunes and other download portals on Mai 2nd 2014. It combines a remix of the classics "You" (Back to the 90s Mix) with four new songs, namely "This is my light", "You walked away", "Sanity" (I Surrender Cut) and "Diving (Future Pop Pleasure Mix)" in a new and modern outfit. Former studio technology and modern-day sounds have been woven into a subtle mix, having the potential to stick in your head all the same.

AXODRY has been RaHen's debut project, with which he set his mark in the music scene. Songs like "Feel it right", "Surrender", "The time is right", "Save me" and "You" in particular, shaped and defined the term "synthiepop" in the 80s all new.

While ROBOTIKO REJEKTO songs are dominated by hard electronic beats, AXODRY's focus is on danceable synth melodies. Recognition value and a catchy manner play a great role in RaHen's AXODRY compositions. With "This is my light" RaHen sets off to something completely new and again shows, that this EP connotes an absolute enrichment for AXODRY fans and a resumption of modern synthiepop.

In the corresponding "This is my light" video, RaHen is supported by the models Verity Vian, Scar Lett and Robotiko Rejekto´s Ava Nima.

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