Ralf Henrich, also known as RAHEN, is a pioneering figure in the SOUND OF FRANKFURT, an electronic music movement that originated in Germany. Alongside his musical partner, TALLA 2XLC, RAHEN created the song "FEEL IT RIGHT" by AXODRY in 1982. This was the first song by AXODRY to be recorded at the DYNATON recording studio by Alexander Henninger, who has worked with notable artists such as Camouflage, Moskwa TV, Microchip League, and De/Vision. Other popular songs by AXODRY include "Surrender", "The Time is Right", and "Save Me". RAHEN and TALLA 2XLC also collaborated on the Eurodance classic "You", which was written by RAHEN and featured lyrics by Frank Poulton and vocals by TXT singer Mark Jefferis.


AXODRY was a significant player in the international electro-pop scene, produced by RAHEN and released on the renowned German Westside label and later on ZYX Records. In addition to AXODRY, RAHEN has been involved in other musical projects such as Two of China, Moskwa TV, Robotiko Rejekto, Microchip League, and Whispering Colours, among others.



AXODRY was a young band from Frankfurt, Germany. In 1984, the group, in its original lineup with Ralf Henrich aka RAHEN and Talla 2XLC, made a splash in the German nightclub scene with their debut work "Feel It Right." Their style, heavily influenced by the wave genre, resulted in a good showing in the independent music charts.

With the release of their second maxi-single "Surrender," the press, radio and even foreign countries took notice. The single prioritized melody over the previously dominant rhythm, as Talla 2XLC began working on solo projects also produced and composed by RAHEN that eventually led to the formation of the top group MOSKWA TV.

Their third maxi-single "The Time Is Right" continued on this path at a high musical level, thanks to the collaboration with a respected studio musician. The single brought AXODRY their first regional TV appearances and a feature on the ZDF program "Tele-Illustrierte."

They followed this up with a remake of their hit "Feel It Right" and performed several successful live shows with the addition of vocalist Axel Maurus.

In 1986, the band released their first work created together in the current lineup of Ralf Henrich, Kurt Ader, and Axel Maurus, entitled "Save Me." The lyrics of the single were interpreted as an anti-drug message and the band's anti-drug stance was also reflected in the artwork of the single's cover. A limited edition of 230 white label copies were produced for disco promotion in Germany. The single was released as a 12-inch and 7-inch in early May of that year.

AXODRY was known for their dynamic pop music and had notable successes with their debut work "Feel It Right" and their second single "Surrender." The band was signed to a young record label, Westside Music, who was responsible for building the promising group's career. The band was working on an exciting live presentation for their prepared song material of their upcoming LP under the musical direction of Ralf Henrich.

The duo of Ralf Henrich and Andreas Tomalla, also known as Infernal, practiced fast and intensive dance music of international origin. Their first maxi-single "Feel It Right" was a success in the Rhine-Main area, selling more than 5,000 copies without promotion and little airplay. The musical concept was a fully synthetic semi-hi-energy arrangement with humanoid vocals, designed to prove itself on the dance floors with a balance of unconditional rhythm and melody. Ralf Henrich assimilated his US funk passion in an unpretentious way, while Andreas Tomalla was a fan of Yellow Magic Orchestra and received inspiration for his digital creativity from applied fantasy role-playing games.

While southern and western Germany was still dancing to the energetic debut work of AXODRY, the band had almost finished their even more shrill second maxi "Look Out." Westside, their independent record label, was driving the Frankfurt-based group to new heights.